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The Not-So-Lost Art of Communication

Watching a small child smoothly navigate through home screen icons and apps can be pretty impressive, but it’s also probably no surprise in today’s high-tech world that’s fueled by high-tech devices. It’s quite a difference, though, from the childhoods that we as parents experienced, but we can certainly appreciate the wide-open window technology provides to […]

Women on the Rise: Supporting the Evolving Face of Technology

In 2012, women made up only 26% of the computing workforce, out of 3,816,000 computing-related occupations, and in the same year, only 18% of computer science majors were women. While these statistics may not come as a huge surprise, that doesn’t make them any easier to swallow, or even understand in this day and age. […]

JewelBots for Teen Girls

In recent technology news, Jewelbots have been created as multi-functional friendship bracelets that teach girls how to code. Co-Founders Sarah Chipps, Brooke Moreland, and Maria Paula Saba designed these fashionable, yet tech-savvy bracelets in order to get more teen girls interested in coding. All three founders share a similar interest in coding and technology and […]

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