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5 Ways to Instill the Importance of Hard Work in Your Child

While a solid work ethic is proven to be one of the key factors for success in life, the struggle with instilling it in children today is a common concern voiced by parents, teachers, and professionals alike. First, the bad news:our kids’ work ethic is in a crisis,and we as parents have a lot to […]

5 Easy Ways to Institute Healthy Habits into the Family Routine for the New Year

Practicing healthy habits doesn’t have to be a chore. It can be the reward itself. Overindulgence is the hallmark of the holidays, and that’s why so many of us feel that it is important to commit to resetting in the New Year. More than losing that winter coat, however, is the great feeling of polishing […]

7 Movies about Parenting and Managing Work that Will Make Executive Moms Crack Up

Weekdays can tend to blend together as you navigate through a hectic work schedule, while trying to keep up with your family and take care of yourself on the daily basis.  This process gets to be, as you well know, stressful.  During the course of the week, you certainly don’t have all that much free […]

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