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5 Ways to Instill the Importance of Hard Work in Your Child

While a solid work ethic is proven to be one of the key factors for success in life, the struggle with instilling it in children today is a common concern voiced by parents, teachers, and professionals alike. First, the bad news:our kids’ work ethic is in a crisis,and we as parents have a lot to […]

Parenting Hacks: Some Helpful Facts About Two to Four Year-Old Tantrums

No question, this is the age where children rebel, and it is a real challenge for parents. The will starts to assert itself and no matter what temperament your child has, and chances are good they are testing you. Suddenly, things that used to be easy are very difficult (does everything have to be a teachable moment?) […]

Making Room for the New Year: 7 Ways to Clear out the Clutter that Can Benefit Your Whole Family

A little purification is a perfect way to celebrate the end of one year, and the arrival of another. How many times have you done a marathon house cleaning, only to turn around what seems like minutes later to find that it is once again a complete mess? If you are like many busy families, […]

6 Ways Executive Moms Are Introducing their Sons to the Equality Paradigm

The gender gap is shrinking; we all want our sons to benefit from that. Women have really struggled to get every inch of headway they have achieved in the workplace.  And while that headway is impressive, it is far from perfect.  Part of the issue is that women are still gaining equality, but culturally they […]

15 Inspiring Quotes From Oprah Winfrey

It’s impossible to summarize just how amazing Oprah is, but I will attempt to honor her by naming just a few of the many inspirational quotes she has given me through out her time in the public eye. For the past 25 years she has given so much happiness and hope to her viewers and fans, focusing on […]

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