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Stress Busting in the Moment

Need a way to stop your blood from boiling and sending your blood pressure through the ceiling?  Read on to find out how to regain your calm. We’ve all been there.  Your child left his brand new coat at school – again.  The dog just ran across the carpet with muddy paws right before visitors […]


8 Reasons for Low Energy

If you are dragging your anchor, getting lethargic after eating, or overall just feeling fatigued throughout the day, there may be a few simple reasons. Before you grab a coffee or sugary drink (which can actually have the opposite effect), let’s look at other reasons for energy lulls, and how to respond with healthy, natural […]

Where the Rubber Meets the Road: Whole Family Biking

When adults become parents, they often look longingly at their bikes collecting dust and then pile everyone in the car.  But having kids doesn’t necessarily mean giving up biking until they are old enough to ride on their own.  Here are some great tips for getting your little ones on wheels and getting your exercise. […]

7 Strategies to Help You and Your Child Deal with Separation Anxiety

Sage advice from those who have been through it can help lessen the blow of letting go. It’s a terrible feeling, seeing your little ones’ faces crumple when you have to leave them with a caregiver, especially when they are small. No one ever likes to cause his or her child distress, period. For new […]

Raising a Tech-savvy Child: Finding a Balance in the Digital Era

In an age when selfies count a diagnosable condition and millennials don’t check voicemail, it’s easy for parents to become completely overwhelmed with the new normal. While there is a hint of pride that the little ones know how to swipe through a photo gallery when Grandma doesn’t, we are all aware that the immediacy and allure […]

Turn it Up! The Daily Dance Party in Living Room and 10 Tunes You Want Your Kids To Hear

Why don’t adults get their own swing sets? What happened to our trampolines and markers? Is it really that we lost interest in these things, or is it more that we “got serious” and let go of our childish activities? Case in point: when was the last time you went dancing? You don’t remember, do […]

Teaching Your Child How to Recognize and Act in an Emergency

We hope it never happens, but when it does, we want our kids to be prepared. Every so often in the news you will hear a story about a young hero who has the wherewithal to call 911 and save someone’s life. You might even have the thought, “I should show my kid how to […]

School’s Out: Examples of Executive Mom Strategies for Summer Vacation

Soon the kids will be out for the summer, so here are some ideas to curb a scheduling pile-up or worse, a scheduling vacuum. This happens every year, where you are all humming along with your own tracks for work, school, and play when, wham, school is out. If it snuck up on you, well, […]

Calming Techniques to Soothe the World-weary Mind for Parents

Modern life with its 24-hour news stream, smart phones and computers continually pumping more information into view, makes it increasingly challenging to focus on our individual lives. And even there, our schedules are full, our obligations to friends and family require maintenance, our finances and possession demand constant attention. Our health is also a major […]

6 DIY Science Experiments to Conduct at Home with Your Kids

Don’t let elementary school teachers have all the fun! Get a little wacky with your own sciences experiments. To illustrate some basic principles in science, you don’t need much except some household products and a sense of adventure.  Here are some easy projects that inspire curiosity and fun. 1. It’s slime time!  What is the difference between a liquid […]

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