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Month: April 2016

School’s Out: Examples of Executive Mom Strategies for Summer Vacation

Soon the kids will be out for the summer, so here are some ideas to curb a scheduling pile-up or worse, a scheduling vacuum. This happens every year, where you are all humming along with your own tracks for work, school, and play when, wham, school is out. If it snuck up on you, well, […]

Calming Techniques to Soothe the World-weary Mind for Parents

Modern life with its 24-hour news stream, smart phones and computers continually pumping more information into view, makes it increasingly challenging to focus on our individual lives. And even there, our schedules are full, our obligations to friends and family require maintenance, our finances and possession demand constant attention. Our health is also a major […]

6 DIY Science Experiments to Conduct at Home with Your Kids

Don’t let elementary school teachers have all the fun! Get a little wacky with your own sciences experiments. To illustrate some basic principles in science, you don’t need much except some household products and a sense of adventure.  Here are some easy projects that inspire curiosity and fun. 1. It’s slime time!  What is the difference between a liquid […]

Mindfulness: Everyday Tools for Parents and Kids

When we think of meditation, most of us get agitated at the prospect of being still, when we have so much to do all the time. We have preconceived notions about what a mindfulness practice actually is, that you have to be a grown-up to do it because kids don’t have the attention span. However, scientists […]

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