Susie Almaneih credits several people throughout her young life in giving her the boost needed to scale the ladder of success. As a woman, being an entrepreneur is extremely challenging, but Susie is proof that women can be just as triumphant as men in any area of the business world. Because of this, she strongly believes that women should be given the same opportunities as men in the workplace.

Susie Almaneih & Female MentorshipSusie Almaneih

A female mentor early on had a profound effect on how she tackled her own professional pathway; this woman constantly had to juggle a lot at once.  As a single parent, she worked as a VP in finance management, and volunteered most of her free time helping out in the community, all while raising two children.  This mentor still always found time for others, and anytime Almaneih has had a doubt about being able to tackle multiple things at once, she thinks of how her mentor’s response was never a “no” – it was to breathe, focus, and figure it out.

Having a busy work, social, and family life, Susie Almaneih is no stranger to the art of balancing multiple things at one time.  Learning from her parents that willpower is one of the key elements to success, Almaneih observed at a young age that achievement does not come easy.  Her parents emigrated from Eastern Europe with the determination to build a great life for their children.  Through sacrifice, determination and hard work, Almaneih parents succeeded in the workforce, instilling a strong work and life ethic into her and her siblings.  From then on, Almaneih was diligent in every aspect of her life.

Susie Almaneih’s Education

In 1995, Susie Almaneih graduated from Baldwin Wallace College with a Bachelors of Arts in Economics and Finance.  She then went on to pursue her first job with a transportation company as an analyst.  It was through this industry that Almaneih recognized male dominance in the workplace.  But, instead of giving up in times of difficulty, Susie exceeded the expectations of those around her and excelled at each project she was given, eventually making her way to the top of the corporate ladder as an entrepreneur.

Susie Almaneih & Girls Who Code

Due to her passion for women empowerment, Susie Almaneih loves organizations like Girls who Code, a national nonprofit organization working to close the gender gap in the technology and engineering sectors.  She focuses support on female entrepreneurs, no matter how small the initiative.  Girls Who Code’s mission is to provide girls with inspiration, education, and the right computing skills to pursue technological, 21st century opportunities.  By teaching gender parity in the computer world, Girls Who Code believes in the economic prosperity of women and promotes more and more girls to be exposed to computer science at a young age so they can prosper in the fields of technology and engineering.

With the help of leading educators, entrepreneurs, and engineers, Girls Who Code has implemented a target computer science education program that includes using intensive instruction in robotics, mobile development, and web design with advanced mentorship led by the industry’s top female entrepreneurs.

Susie Almaneih continues to efficiently balance her professional career while simultaneously taking the time to give other women the courage to live up to their dreams.  As a leading female entrepreneur, Susie will maintain sharing her struggles and triumphs to those willing to listen so they can recognize that they aren’t alone.